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1. Definitions
In this Cookie statement:

  • IMOB: the Transportation Research Institute of the University of Hasselt, a public institution, with its registered office at BE-3500 Hasselt, Martelarenlaan 42 and registered at the Crossroads bank of enterprises under number 0208.359.859;
  • ABEONA: ABEONA consult bvba, a spin-off of IMOB, with here registered office at BE-3520 Zonhoven, Moverkensstraat 53, and registered at the Crossroads bank of enterprises under number 0551.862.890;
  • Website: The Route2school (‘R2S’) website of ABEONA and IMOB, and derivatives developed and operated by ABEONA and IMOB;
  • Personal data: Any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person.
  • Cookies: Small data- or text files who will be posted with the visit of a website or a mobile device and subsequently be stored.

ABEONA and IMOB of the University of Hasselt aim to inform you clearly about the way cookies are used on the website and saved on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) to make your visit to the website more pleasant and tune it to your needs and preferences. Abeona and IMOB do not relate the information, collected by the cookies, to your personal data who is collected in other ways.

Cookies help ABEONA and IMOB to optimize your visit to the website by completing some useful tasks, like improving the security of the website and the general user experience. In this way the website can remember the pages you’ve visited and your preferences (like language) in order that you don’t have to fill in this again when you return to the website. Other cookies allow to analyse from certain information like the number of visits on the website. Different cookies are used for marketing purposes.

Session cookies are cookies wherefrom the lifetime is limited to the time of the session, this is until the browser is closed and the connection with the site is closed. Besides there exist permanent cookies.

The following cookies can be placed by ABEONA and IMOB:





This cookie allows to track and follow the current session.



This cookie helps to determine the availability and functioning of the cookies in the browser.



This cookie of Google Analytics is placed to compose statistical data. More information:

2 years


This cookie of Google Analytics is placed to compose statistical data. More information:

10 minutes

To use the site optimally, it is recommended to activate and/or accept the cookies on your computer or mobile device. Without switched on cookies an uncomplicated visit to the site can’t be guaranteed.  There is a chance that the visit will be interrupted or slowed down and you will not have access to certain parts of the website or you can’t use them (optimally).

Nevertheless you’re free to remove or block the cookies via your browser settings. Although internet browsers mostly are set to accept cookies, you can remove cookies who are already placed and restrict or block the placing of new cookies by adjusting the browser settings. The way browser settings can be adapted, diverges by browser. More information about the browser settings can be found on or in the “Help”-menu of the internet browser.

If you remove or block the cookies, this means you have to reset your preferences every visit and some parts of the site don’t work (properly).

2. Processing personal data
It is possible that by use of cookies personal data will be processed, consult in this regard our Privacy policy.

3. Changes
ABEONA has the right to modify the Cookie statement at any time. This Cookie statement was last modified on 1 April 2017.

4. Miscellaneous
If there are one or multiple clauses of this Cookie statement which are partly or completely declared non-valid or not obliging, then this has no influence on the validity of the other clauses or on the validity of the whole Cookie statement. If ABEONA and/or IMOB would like to edit or change that/those very clause(s), the new adapted or new clause needs to connect as much as possible with the non-valid or not obliging clause(s).

The failure of ABEONA and/or IMOB to claim the scrupulously accomplishment of the terms of this Cookie statement, will not be interpreted as renouncing or rejection of it.

5. Applicable law
The Belgian law is only applicable on this Cookie statement. Possible disputes concerning the processing of the personal data and the Cookie statement or every item that is mentioned in it, will be submitted to the courts of Hasselt who are exclusively powered. ABEONA and/or IMOB can only be summoned to appear at the courts of Hasselt.

6. Contact

ABEONAconsult bvba
Moverkensstraat 53
3520 Zonhoven

Instituut voor Mobiliteit (IMOB)
Universiteit Hasselt
Wetenschapspark 5 bus 6
3590 Diepenbeek


For futher general information concerning cookies and the protection of personal data you can turn you to the Commision of the protection of the privacy with address 1000 Brussel, Drukpersstraat 35, tel: 02/274.48.00 or via e-mail (