Route2school helps schools and municipalities to thoroughly analyse the traffic safety and to collect information about the travel behaviour of the pupils. We like to discuss with you how we can improve the traffic safety in your municipality

Why Route2school?

Four out of ten pupils who were involved in a traffic accident between 2010 and 2012, were on their way to or back from school and nine out of ten of these accidents happen inside the 'zone 30' in the direct environment of the school. In addition, 80% of children between the ages of six and fourteen are afraid in traffic. We would like to change this and that is why we created Route2school (R2S). Because, in order to improve the road safety of school routes, schools and municipalities must take measures. However, these measures can only occur if the problems are identified first. That is why the Route2school project helps schools and municipalities thoroughly analyse the traffic safety of school routes and the travel behaviour of pupils.

Next, Route2school Education helps to improve the traffic skills of pupils with a digital learning platform.

What does Route2school offer?

Thorough analysis

Pupils, parents and teachers can report the bottlenecks they meet on their way from and to school. With every report, we ask to describe the problem, upload a picture and propose a solution. We analyse the problem and search for a suitable solution together with the municipality, police and schools.

Digital school route map

We collect data about the travel behaviour of pupils and the mobility bottlenecks in your municipality. We collect all the information and transform it into a digital school route map, which can be consulted on the website as well as on the smartphone app. The school route map is therefore made by and for pupils.


We aim to improve the mobility situation and draw up an action plan together with the municipality, police and schools. The offered solutions are situated in different domains: infrastructural adjustments, education, sensitisation and enforcement.

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