Route2school starts in Borgerhout

19/09/2018 – On September 24, six schools in Borgerhout will start with Route2school, a project of the Transportation Research Institute of Hasselt University.

Route2school is a mobile application with which parents, pupils, teachers and management can indicate exactly via which streets pupils can walk or cycle safely to school and where obstacles or risky traffic situations are located on the route. “It could be about re-painting a zebra crossing or pits in cycle paths, difficult intersections where a lot of traffic comes together or traffic lights where cyclists only get a green light for a short time”, says Jan Bel of the State’s General of Road Safety.

The participants can submit reports for two months. Afterwards, the data are analysed by the Transportation Research Institute. “Based on these results, we draw up an action plan and determine the period within the bottlenecks must be tackled”, explains Bel.

During springtime next year, a digital school route map needs to be elaborated for both districts.

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