Moerbeke refreshes school route map with Route2school

20/10/2016 – Municipality Moerbeke cooperates with Route2school to refresh the school route map. “Our previous school route map dates from 2010. There were a lot of traffic engineering changes since in our municipality. The map needs an update”, says major Robby De Caluwé (Open VLD).

Four out of ten children who were involved in a traffic accident between 2010 and 2012 were on their way to and from school. “Only 5% of these accidents happened in the immediate school environment”, says Kevin Clijmans, project leader of Route2school, “thus within the 30 km/h area. The problem is situated outside of this area. So are school routes unsafe? What is exactly the problem and what can we do about it?” The project helps schools and municipalities to thoroughly analyse the road safety of school routes and the travel behaviour of pupils, and to identify the mobility bottlenecks. “Children can meet different obstacles on their way to school, like a road surface that is in bad shape, a cycle crossing that is missing or cars that are parked in a wrong way.” The Route2school team transforms these data into a digital school route map to make the routes and bottlenecks visually clear.

The Route2school team is currently travelling through Flanders and is now in Moerbeke. In 2010, the municipality from East Flanders had already made a school route map, together with the province and Interwaas, but that one is not up to date anymore. “A lot of traffic situations in our municipality are changed and the map thus urgently needs an update”, says De Caluwé in De Streekkrant. “Al primary schools and high schools of Moerbeke participate in the project. Project leader Kevin Clijmans: “A lot of routes of pupils of school x and y overlap each other. By combining all schools of one municipality, we strive to a realistic representation of this situation.” If everything goes as planned, the school route map will be completed in March 2017.

Read the complete article in De Streekkrant Lokeren-Zele of October 20, 2016.