Klein-Brabant also jumps on the cart of Route2school

26/10/2016 – After Zemst, District Antwerpen, Bilzen, Riemst and other Flemish cities, Klein Brabant also signs in on the Route2school project. The municipalities and schools of Klein Brabant will work on the Route2school project in October and are massively calling upon the help of pupils, parents and teachers to identify mobility networks.

Four out of ten pupils who were involved in a traffic accident between 2010 and 2012, were on their way from and to school. To reduce the number of traffic accidents and improve the road safety in the school environment, schools and municipalities need to take measures. “Understanding a problem is an essential condition to be able to solve a problem and that led to Route2school”, says project leader Kevin Clijmans (IMOB, UHasselt). With that project, he helps schools and municipalities analyse the road safety on school routes.

This is not only done with text and a localisation on a map, but also with necessary pictures. After the data collection, all contributions are analysed. With these results, we make digital school route maps, which we will make available for everyone of Klein Brabant. Thanks to the digital school route map, we can immediately respond to the rapidly changing environment and connect cities and municipalities”, explains Kevin Clijmans. This allows children from neighbouring municipalities to plot a safe route from home to school without having to consult multiple maps.

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