How do we tackle a R2S-project?

We make a new school route map for you, give support to digitalising your existing school route map and guide you in making a school transport plan and/or action plan to improve the road safety on school routes in your city. How do we work?

1. Kick-off meeting

During the kick-off meeting we introduce to you with pleasure our Route2school-project. What is Route2school? Where is Route2school already active? We discuss with you how we can improve the road safety in your municipality.

2. Demo Route2school

You start with the project, what is next? We organise a second meeting. During this meeting, we explain all practical issues from A to Z, so that you become quickly familiar with the website and application of Route2school. We answer questions like ‘Where can I download the application?’ and ‘How do I report a bottleneck?’.

3. Datacollection

We start with the data collection after all parties involved, like students/pupils and parents, are informed. We collect information about the travel behaviour of pupils and the mobility bottlenecks on school routes. We encourage the parties involved to also think about possible solutions. This often leads to creative solutions that can also count on broad support.

4. Data analysis

We analyse all reports that we received, and observe the problem that occurs. We examine the proposed solutions and see whether the measure is feasible in practice and/or will produce the desired effect. After the analysis, we develop a digital school route map, which you can consult on the website, as well as on the application. The digital school route map connects cities and municipalities with each other and also responds to rapidly changing mobility situations.

5. Discussion results (interactive workshop)

The data collection is concluded, the analysis is completed. During this meeting we will elaborate on the input we received from students/pupils, parents and teachers. Which route do they follow? Where do they feel unsafe? Which bottlenecks do they meet on their way?

6. Presentation solutions (interactive workshop)

During this meeting, we search for the bottlenecks that were frequently reported in your municipality and therefore are urgent. We care about an open interaction between municipality, police and schools. A solution that is discussed by several people and agreed on by several people will have a greater positive effect.

7. Final meeting

You receive a digital school route map, a final report and advice to improve the road safety of school routes in your municipality. During the final meeting, we also make an action plan in collaboration with the municipality, police and schools to systematically eliminate the mobility bottlenecks.