Route2school (R2S) Education is an online education platform where pupils can improve their traffic insights in a pleasant way. This ensures that they learn to deal with difficult traffic situations.

The platform

R2S Education wants to offer the pupils a structured learning process. That is why this platform consists of several modules:

  • Knowledge: children learn the traffic rules
  • Situation consciousness: children learn to pay more attention to all elements of the environment
  • Risk detection: children learn to detect risks
  • Risk management: children learn to cope with risks

These modules consist of different rounds with questions of an ascending degree of difficulty. The pupils receive comments about the good as well as the wrong answers. Who participates will be rewarded for his/her effort. According to their score, the pupils receive white, bronze, silver or gold badges. The colour of the badge immediately shows how good your score is. So you get a badge online but also in the form of a sticker

  • White: The pupil understands the basics, but still needs to take a lot of steps before he/she can go safely to school
  • Bronze: The first steps have been taken, but there is still room for improvement
  • Silver: The parents can be reassured. Their children can go safely to school by bike or on foot
  • Gold: Traffic expert! Even the parents can learn something of your pupils

For the entire class

At this moment, the level of the different modules in R2S Education is adjusted to pupils of the 2nd & 3th grade of primary education and the 1st grade of secondary education. They play an individual game, but the teacher can give them feedback. Teachers can see the individual scores per pupil as well as the average of the class. Of course, supporting tools will be available so teachers can organise a debriefing on a classroom level. Moreover, the content of the various modules was tested against the final attainment levels and development goals. In other words, R2S Education provides teachers of ready to use teaching material to realise the overlaid objectives concerning mobility.


R2S Education is unique! Pupils do not only learn about general traffic situations in Flanders, but they can start with recognizable situations of their own environment. This is possible because the education module is built on the base project of Route2school. With R2S, municipalities can collect images of the bottlenecks of their own environment. Does your municipality not participate in the Route2school project (yet)? Then we only use supporting images of Flanders.

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