Other glasses, other view

See it through the eyes of pupils.That is the slogan of Route2school! Accident rates perceive dangerous traffic situations, give insight into the demographic background of victims of traffic accidents and so provide a basis for shaping the traffic policy of a city or municipality. They remain an important pillar in the road safety analysis of Route2school (R2S), but the R2S team looks beyond just the accident data. We use different glasses and so acquire a different view: that of pupils, parents, teachers and school management.

We are curious about their experience on their way to and from school. In a street with a lot of bus traffic, vulnerable road users can feel for example very intimidated by all these busses and still only a few accidents occur. It is our ambition to also improve the feeling of safety in these specific situations.

How do we watch over the shoulder?

We interview pupils, parents and teachers to gather the mobility bottlenecks in your municipality. How do they go to school? Which route do they take? How do they experience this route? Which bottlenecks do they meet along the way? Which solutions do they propose? With answers to all of these questions, we look for a suitable solution. We transform this information into a digital school route map.

How did Route2school arise?

Route2school was created thanks to a collaboration between the Transportation Research Institute (IMOB, UHasselt) and ABEONA Consult. The R2S tool has grown from the project ‘Moving Forward’, a project that the Transportation Research Institute and the Flemish Foundation for Traffic Science (Vlaamse Stichting Verkeerskunde, VSV) have started in 2009. Thanks to Moving Forward, schools, municipalities and police zones were able to create digital school accessibility maps. After using Moving Forward for six years, we noticed that it was time to put a new and more extensive tool on the market.

Participants can report problems via the web application and or/mobile app. Click here for more information.