District Antwerp maps cycling routes in the school environment

16/09/2016 – Pupils that go to school on foot or by bike are often confronted with unsafe traffic situations. To map the bottlenecks, the District of Antwerp relies upon Route2school, a mobile application.

The Route2school project was first completed in September in Zemst, a municipality in Flemish Brabant. Now, District Antwerp also signed in for the project. “We start with a pilot project in which five high school registered”, says David Michiels, the person responsible for the so called Citizen Budget. The idea has grown from the Citizens’ Budget, allowing residents to decide on spending 1,1 million euros. “A lot of people’s attention went to bicycle-safe streets, when submitting the projects. Proposals were made to develop an application that can map safe routes. Apparently, there was already a similar app, namely Route2school. The participants in the pilot project are Sint-Lutgardis, Lucernacollege, Stedelijk Lyceum Meir, Technicum Noord-Antwerpen and GO! Koninklijk Lyceum.

Route2school will analyse the trips, problems and solutions that pupils have sent. The school route map is expected to be completed in February or March next year. Project leader Kevin Clijmans (IMOB, UHasselt): “If the test phase goes well, we hope to further extend the project to other schools. The city also already announced that it will closely follow the project. In time, it would be interesting to map as many trips as possible to guarantee all students a safe way to school.”

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