Children use school route map for the first time

22/05/2018 – Thanks to Route2school, Dendermonde has, just like many other Flemish cities and municipalities, a school route map. About 180 children used it for the first time on Friday, the 19th of May.

“The map shows the most appropriate cycling routes to school, and additionally gives a bit of explanation about the traffic regulations. Therefore, the map can be used during the lessons at school”, says alderman of Mobility Niels Tas (SP.A). “For this city, it forms a basis for being able to eliminate bottlenecks on routes.”

The province of East-Flanders, the city of Dendermonde, all primary and high schools of Dendermonde, the local police and the Cyclists’ Federation developed the school route map together. The whole project was coordinated by Route2school. “We first took pictures of dangerous points on the route to school with our smartphone”, tells Bavo, who use the map yesterday for the first time. “Then, the police checked how they can be avoided via alternative routes and slow roads. It is an easy map, because it can be used digitally.”

“We find the safety of our students very important”, says deputy Peter Hertog. “Often, there are alternatives for busy toads that are safer and more quiet. And refreshing the knowledge about the traffic regulations can never hurt. That too has been put on the map.”

Article from Het Niewsblad/Regionaal of Saturday, May 19, 2018 // Author: svov // Picture: SVL (Het Nieuwsblad)